Vidya who recognised the need of spreading ‘Vidya’ about financial competence

In the course of our visit to the slum, our volunteers Gurleen, Sanat and Manveer got quite a few declarations signed by the people whereby they promised to motivate another person to open a bank account and avail the relevant benefits. One such person was Vidya who after acquiring information about the pros of opening and effectively maintaining a bank account readily agreed to do so, so much so that she gleefully responded that she would go that very week and do the needful. Her neighbour who had been listening closely to the conversation between her and our volunteers got enlightened as well and then decided that they would go together and open bank accounts. This readiness to avail the benefits of banking facilities and inter-related benefits like interest on deposit, accidental insurance, life insurance cover was not just restricted to Vidya and her neighbour, it made its presence felt amongst quite a large number of people who crowded around our volunteers and listened keenly. Our volunteers also made it a point to follow up in the future by contacting them and enquiring whether they did the needful or not.


  • Written by- Niyati
  • Uploaded by-Kusha Sahu
  • Video Covered by- N/A
  • Interviewer- Gurleen and Sanat