VIDEO SHAH - who was deprived of the facilities because of his illiteracy

During the visit to the slum, our volunteer Varun, came across  people who were deprived of the bank facilities and were not given the benefits of JDY.

One such person was Video Shah. Video Shah, an aware citizen and a scrap dealer by profession, has his shop in kirti nagar and knows the benefits of PMJDY. He had an account in Bank Of Baroda. The savings of the income were monthly. Out of the seven member family only his son holds an account under PMJDY. Though given a pass book and cheque book, the LPG subsidy was not credited to his account. Moreover he was denied the ATM card. The Bank authorities gave a shocking answer that illiterate people can’t have the ATM cards. Our volunteers guided him that to avail the benefits under PMJDY one does not need to be educated and all forms are available in hindi too. He assured us that he will go to the bank and will look into it.


  • Written by- Divya
  • Uploaded by-Vibhanshu
  • Video Covered by-Priya
  • Interviewer-Sneha and Varun

After Video Shah assured our volunteers (Divya and Mannu Mohit) last week to visit the Bank and procure an ATM card, true to his words, he went to the bank and decided to fill the relevant form again. Without even taking into account his second attempt to fill the form, his application was blatantly rejected by the bank officials on the ground that his signature was a prerequisite to the acceptance of his application. To counter this situation, our agile volunteers decided to teach him how to sign. Through their help, he made a substantive number of attempts.

Though illiterate, he was able to form a distinctive pattern in his signature and our volunteers gave him the appropriate directions to make it clearer and legible. Video Shah's story of perseverance and his willingness to become financially literate is worthy to serve as an inspiration to all those who feel that their illiteracy serves as an impediment to their progress. With this, we hope that Video Shah's impeccable attempt to attain financial literacy bears fruit and he is able to procure the Atm card this time around.


  • Written by- Mannu Mohit
  • Uploaded by-Vaishnavi
  • Video Covered by- Divya Kapoor
  • Interviewer- Mannu Mohit