The childless couple trying to make ends meet

We often tend to forget the sense of purpose and fulfillment that children bring into their parents’ lives.Our volunteers came across a couple which was devoid of this priceless privilege. When asked if they have any children,  “No”, the man replied in a cold and brashly indifferent voice. After a split-second, though, his indifferent tone gave way to an emotionally turbulent one, and he mustered the courage to say that he has nephews who live with his with his brother in Ayodhya Village, his native place which he hasn't been able to visit since a long time due to financial constraints.

Most of the householders in Kirti Nagar are migrants from rural areas who live in deplorable conditions and owing to their migrant status, find it extremely difficult to make ends meet. When asked whether the couple had a bank account, the man with the same earth-shattering indifference replied what would they do with a bank account with little or no money. Our volunteers then tried to explain to him the efficacy of zero balance accounts and overdraft facilities and his unflinchingly careless attitude gradually began to give way to an accepting and receptive one.


  • Written by-Mannu Mohit
  • Edited by- Niyati
  • Uploaded by-Kusha Sahu
  • Video Covered by-  N/A
  • Interviewer-Annu and Mannu