Satish Chand

The campaigning  done by the volunteers have given us various analysis of the situation or dilemmas faced by the people. One such case was of Satish Chand who had his account in SBI   and in his family there are 3 account holder having account in same and some are having in other near by banks too. He uses Aadhar card and Voter ID as his proof of  identity. He has not received his cheque book. During his interaction with the volunteer Nikhil he also told us that an amount of Rs 100/- got deducted from his account for no reason it might not be that much amount for us but people like them they hardly have money for their savings and means a lot to them also when he asked the bank authority about this deduction he was not given any appropriate reason for this. So to this Nikhil, our volunteer asked him to visit bank once again and asks them the reason for the deduction. He have assured our volunteers that he will be visiting the bank and ask them again about this deduction. And now will be checking his status in our next visit.


  • Written by-Divya Kapoor
  • Uploaded by-Vibhanshu
  • Video Covered by-Priya
  • Interviewer-Sneha and Nikhil