Radhe – A well informed and receptive bank account owner

Radhe, a halwai by profession, recently got his bank account opened under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna but has not begun to use it. He says he has not deposited any money as of now but plans to do so as soon as he thinks he has earned a sufficient amount to be deposited. He is aware of some of the benefits provided under the Jan Dhan Yojna, the accidental insurance of Rs. 1 lakh to be precise. He seems quite receptive with the information being disseminated to him with regards to the overdraft facilities and the zero balance provision. He asks  certain queries on behalf of his brother, who sits next to him, assisting him in his job, listening to the conversation closely. His brother does not have an account. He asks about the documents that his brother would need in order to open the account. Satisfied with the answers furnished, Radhe assures us that he would get his brother’s account opened and encourage him to make use of the facilities.


  • Written by- Niyati
  • Uploaded by-Kusha Sahu
  • Video Covered by-Ajay Sharma
  • Interviewer- Nirjara and Niyati