Omkar Pandey, Being informed about the Facilities of PMJDY

PMJDY, an attempt to increase the access of Banking Services to everyone, is a step  for having greater transparency in the financial services. In Kirti Nagar People are still from the mainstream city life, but they have the right to have their Bank accounts to save their money and contribute their bit in the Nation Building.

Volunteers of Smilyo Educational Charitable trust went to that Place to interact with the people living there and sort their quarries related to it. One such person was Omkar, who was the labour in living there, who already had a Bank account.  He had a query regarding LPG gas account. He was motivated by the volunteer Nikhil to own LPG connection and connect it with the Bank account.


  • Written by-Divya
  • Uploaded by-Vibhanshu
  • Video Covered by-Priya
  • Interviewer-Nikhil and Sneha