Misconceptions galore!

A concern raised by the people during the course of our interaction with them by our volunteers Gurleen, Sanat and Manveer was that they presumed that one needed money to open a bank account under the Jan Dhan Yojana. Such a concern was expressed by a man who when went to get his account opened in a bank was asked for money by one of the bank officials. Perturbed by this demand, he gave up on the idea of opening his bank account. He was then informed by our volunteers that no money, whatsoever was required for opening a bank account under flagship programme of our government - Jan Dhan Yojana and motivated him to go to the bank again and thus, assert his right.


  • Written by- Niyati
  • Uploaded by-Kusha Sahu
  • Video Covered by- Manveer
  • Interviewer- Sanat & Gurleen