Jaan Muhammad- Beneficiary of PMJDY

While interviewing in the alleys of choona bhatti, Our volunteers Sneha and Nikhil spotted Jaan Muhammad. On interviewing, they got to know that Jaan, in order to make both ends meet works and still somehow manages to save a penny at the end of the day.On asking, he flaunted the passbook and the cheque book with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.He understood well about the utility and need of a bank account and proud about his knowledge to operate ATM card. This hope and pride will sustain in millions of eyes with eachsuccessful enrollment under PMJDY.


  • Written by-Kriti Sharma
  • Uploaded by-Vaishnavi
  • Video Covered by-N/A
  • Interviewer-Sneha & Nikhi