GIRJA : A Deprived Adult!


Girja is having a savings account in Corporation Bank. In her family she is the only one who has a bank account. But she is not aware of the benefits availed under PMJDY, since she opened the account through her school using Aadhaar Card as a proof. Our volunteers(Sneha ,Nikhil and Priya) briefed her about the benefits of an account under PMJDY. She visits the bank once in a month.And she is only holding a passbook. Whatsoever her family is able to save,she deposits it in the bank and also withdraws it whenever needed. The real problem that she faced was that she was not given any the ATM card facility. When she asked the bank authority that why she is not given the ATM card then she was told that in order to get the ATM facility one has to be above 18 years. she also visited the bank again and was neglected because of her age.then our volunteers guided her that minimum age is 10 years in order to have a bank account under PMJDY so that,certain benefits could be availed and she assured us that she will visit the bank and ask her query.



  • Written by- Divya Kapoor
  • Uploaded by-Vibhanshu
  • Video Covered by-Priya
  • Interviewer-Nikhil and Sneha


Girja,who assured our volunteers last week to visit the bank and procure her ATM card ,but she couldn't visit the bank,as she wanted someone either from her family or her friends to assist her in the bank Earlier when she visited the bank for her ATM card she was neglected because of her minor age .Thats why she was hesitant to go to bank this time. To counter this situation our volunteers advised her to visit this time to the bank as it was for her good. This time she have assured our volunteers that she will definitely visit the bank and we also hope that she acquires Financial Literacy benefits and is able to procure her ATM card.



  • Written by- Divya Kapoor
  • Uploaded by-Vaishnavi
  • Video Covered by- Mannu Mohit
  • Interviewer- Divya Kapoor