Umeed - Smilyo's Initiative at Rendezvous'13, IIT Delhi


With the aim of spreading awareness regarding the health and hygiene Smilyo Educational Charitable Society ® for the very first time on their own organized a workshop ‘Umeed’ at IIT-Delhi. Umeed was the biggest initiative taken by Smilyo till date. The workshop was organized to create health awareness among the underprivileged children of slums. There were over 40 kids who came with with a sparkle in their eyes, charms on their face and innocence in their smiles and left with knowledge in their minds, awareness in their actions and an inspiration to live their life in a more hygienic way.

Various means of imparting knowledge and creating awareness were used ranging from animated videos, puzzles and t-shirt painting competition. The workshop was begun by showing animated videos to kids displaying how to maintain a good hygiene followed by a small discussion over the same. The kids enthusiastically participated in the discussion. After that the kids were divided into the teams accompanied by the Smilyo volunteers where they were asked some simple riddles regarding the health and hygiene. The response was awestrucking. The kids enjoyed within the atmosphere of knowledge and awareness constructed under the mother like care of volunteers. The children felt at ease and thus did not shy to show their talents by performing dance, singing prayers and songs. Many of the children were rewarded for showing their talents with confidence.

It was followed by the T-shirt painting competition where the kids spread the creativity of their minds on a white T-shirt by drawing on the theme of festivities. The colors spread on the t-shirts clearly displayed the joyous colors in the smiles of those kids. The competition was judged by the members of IIT-Delhi only and 7 of the best paintings won the prize. The children were clicked with their designed t-shirts and were allowed to take them along as a memento.

The event organized under the leadership of Guleeka Dhawan and Disha Yadav and under the supervision of Tushar Aggarwal was the biggest milestone achieved by Smilyo. The event provided an exposure to Smilyo under the sponsorship of Madras Café House and was a great learning experience for the slum children.