Summer Camp


A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Smilyo is back to bring smiles on faces of under-privileged children. It requires a big golden heart to work for someone's feelings with feelings. As a team, we are handling and trying to impart knowledge to these cute, shining and smiling faces.

On day 1 of the summer camp, we completed a task of making a paper bag with our small brothers and sisters, who were very happy and excited to see us. Though, they are kids but the level of respect which they gave to all the volunteers was really appreciable. When volunteers were introducing themselves for the first time, they were quite enthusiastic to work with those kids, some of them really became favourite among those kids.

While we were preparing the paper bag, we enjoyed a lot and those small, soft hands with a grin on their faces helped us a lot to complete the task. Though, they could not get each and every step but they still tried hard and after a while, they were happy to see their bags , some of the children were doing fashion parade alongwith their bags and some of them hung their bags around their neck while having photographs. They enjoyed the real fruit juice provided to them by us. Volunteers were really tired helping themselves while preparing the bag but all the volunteers were relaxed after that tiring but wonderful job. Special thanks to our wonderful spectacled teacher, Kaushlendra Singh. After the task, children were quite happy and satisfied and we could feel the bounding between Smilyons and children when we were leaving. We could see our little kids hugging us and biding us goodbye with a hopeful smile that they might see us the next day.



Keeping all the energies intact, raising the enthusiasm levels and with all the more determination, our volunteers set out for the second day to explore the vivacious laughter that had been hidden under the sly smiles of the kids. The day began with the general introduction of the kids in English and exploring their skills and talents. Not only they soon became effluent in this job, but their stage fear was completely rooted out when they were cheered up to exhibit their individual talents in front of everyone. The volunteers and kids became one unit. All the inhibitions, fear and apprehensions were soon wiped out with the delicate relationship of love, care and friendship that breathed between our volunteers and kids. Next the kids thouroughly enjoyed the story that was narrated by two of our volunteers- Nishtha and Varinda. The story with the wonderful moral 'health is wealth' was narrated in both Hindi and English making it easier for the kids to absorb the values meant to be taught through the story. The constant actions and explanations by rest of the volunteers to the assigned kid made it much easier for kids to adapt to the didactic function of the story, preaching and pleasure both.

Learning with fun has always worked well with kids and we believe in the same. The game "dhundho toh jaane" gained much depth when the idea of recognising things was inculcated with providing joy and entertainment to kids. The chits drawn, carried the name of the object that was to be located in the room. The game introduced in children the value of competativeness, dedication and desire to win. Their smiles were definitely a lot brighter than the scorching sun who failed to convince us to loose our hopes. Nextly, each team was given a class of different objects,for instance vegetables, fruits, colours, body parts,seasons etc; where children were supposed to learn five of that kind. Their sharp learning skills were appreciated by everyone when they stood out even in this task.

In the present world where mere academics fail to develop the child completely, we organized the craft class and dance class too. The craft class served as a catalyst to bring out the artistic minds that remained undiscovered so far. They enjoyed making paper fan. The way they were dedicately trying to get the perfect shape of fan in a way reflected their innocent minds, away from the vices of this world, that are ready to digest as much amount knowledge as can pe possibly imparted to them. Lastly, it was time to relax their brain a bit and make their bodies go "zoobi-doobi". The kids enjoyed it the most. Their diligent efforts to follow their dance teachers-Ritika and Nikita, clearly portrayed their unquenching thirst of learning more and more and conquer the world with their capabilities.

The conviction of our volunteers and inquisitive minds of these children, these colours when mixed, gave out the beautiful patterns of vibrant colours, giving the real shade of 'Life' to lives.



The day began with a healthy interaction among the workshop's participants. All the children were alloted two volunteers each. A quality time was spent by both volunteers and the children in knowing about each other's habits, likes and dislikes, which was then shared with everyone followed by a friendly introduction.

To enlighten the children with some useful knowledge, a video session was also conducted that allowed them make recognition of various body parts and their usage.

Each volunteer came forward to describe nose, ears, hair and hands one by one. The other volunteers also participated later on by asking simple questions enquiring what they had learned. All the correct responses from children rewarded the efforts of the team.

After these informative activities, children were indulged in some recreational tasks, which included dancing and poem recitation. Children learned and presented dance on zoobi doobi, whereas poems like sardi ka sooraj were also performed by adorable children concluding the day' activities successfully.



On 4th day i.e. on 12th june we made an effort to teach the kids english alphabets, names of different shapes, counting numbers and we were happy to see that kids could talk about themselves in English and they were able to take names of many volunteers. Kids made an effort to learn and revise everything which they have been taught since three days quite well. They were very enthusiastic to learn and revise and we tried to make the learning session easy and interesting.

We could hear their voices, full of zeal and joy while we were making them learn alphabets, numbers and shapes. They even tried to participate individually, often they grew restless and we had to bring them back to their position but we could manage the kids well. We played with them, loved them, cared for them, broadened our vision to look inside them and understand them.

Last session was a gift from our side to our wonderful kids. We played passing the toy dragon with them. That part was the most memorable part of the day. All the volunteers participated with their kids and did a task which was written on a slip of paper ,choosen by the kids for us. That was the funniest part of the whole session. Kids really enjoyed watching a crocodile, riding a horse, watching deepika padukone and hema malini in three forms and then everyone was quite interested to watch a human frog hopping on floor, etc.

Kids really thanked volunteers for the special gift which we gave them. While we were leaving, kids shook hands , hugged us and took a promise from us that they would see us the next day definately and then they waved us good bye. We were all relaxed after laughing a lot and aloud and we were really missing our kids after we left them.



It was an amazing day.we enjoyed a lot with all the kids.since it was the last day of our workshop so their was a pain in our inner self that we won't be able to meet them again now.all of us got so attached with them and so  did these kids.if one day we were on leave they kept asking"AAJ HUMARI DIDI KYUN NAI AAI".

on the last day we taught them dance,poems, colouring and videos were shown to them of the story tales.

all these days vanished like anything.

i personally got to learn many things like team work ,how to handle kids n also i got to meet new people.

in short these 5days were the best days of my life.