Prem Vati - A Neglected Woman

During the campaigning ,our volunteers Sneha and Nikhil get to know about various issues or obstacles the people had to face during or after opening of their bank account various camps by different banks have also being organised but still there were people who were not having either the bank accounts or not given proper facilities.

They came across a women namely Preem vati who is having a bank account in Bank of Baroda under Jan Dhan Yojana and she uses Aadhar Card as a proof of her identity.In her family there are 3 account holder. But she had a query regarding getting back her mother in laws documents(Pass book,Cheque book etc)which she must get as a proof that her account in opened and operative.She also visited the bank authorities in this regard but was always neglected. Whenever she visited the bank they ask her to come after 2-3 days and then each time she visits the bank again and again gets the same answer but have not received the documents yet.Now, our volunteers are trying to connect her with the bank authorities so that she could get the documents back.Our volunteers tried contacting the bank on their 24*7 customer care number but they didnt get any response in return.So they asked her just to visit the bank once again and check whether the account has being opened or not and if opened ask for the documents and if not the reason for not opening then will see to her problem or what reply she got from the bank in our next visit.


  • Written by- Divya
  • Uploaded by-Vibhanshu
  • Video Covered by-Priya
  • Interviewer-Nikhil