About Us

“Amidst children whose sunken bodies are devoid of food,

There still lies that playfulness in their eyes which can lighten anyone’s mood.

Amidst people who kill for a living, 

There are people who provide hope even to the grieving.

 Amidst imposters who call themselves God-men, 

 There are men who with their indomitable courage can cause God’s decision to bend.

 Amidst inhumane acts of brutality which inflict irreparable wounds on your heart,

There are random acts of kindness, the heartrending actuality of which, makes you start.

Amidst the broken hearts,

Amidst the sobbing stars.

There lies an unbreakable heart 

And a star which shines with all its shimmer.

Amidst the shattered souls,

Amidst the dying hopes,

There lies a shatter-proof soul,

And an undying hope ...”

                               ------- Niyati Gangwar (A Smilyon)

Such an undying hope lies in the heart of every Smilyo volunteer which guides them through stark darkness and rekindles their faith in the spirit of humanity. Smilyo Educational  Charitable Society ® is a student run NGO working for upliftment and welfare of student community who's most of the volunteers are from University of Delhi. It aims to bring  about a change in the Educational sector of India.


Smilyo Educational Charitable Society ® was founded by seven undergraduate students and an engineer with the aim of bringing about substantive change in the ‘Educational sector of India. It started out as a website to provide free of cost educational resources ranging from notes, e-books, recent announcements, for school & college students.

However, we realized that this wasn’t enough and they could not stop at just this. Thus, began the relentless pursuit of recognizing a specific cause and subsequently working for it right at the grass root level. They came to the conclusion that there was an inter-relation between financial competence and literacy, and it was this intersection that came about which has guided us towards our future course of action.

To substantiate our conclusion, citing an example seems necessary. If a BPL family ‘has a meager income it would be forced to resort to utilizing the labour of the children because they do not know of how to effectively manage whatever less they have. However, if relevant knowledge of how to manage their income and savings is disseminated to them, the condition would be subject to improvement. Thus, Smilyo initiated its endeavors to bring about financial literacy amongst the underprivileged.

Vision & Mission

The primary mission is to provide basic literacy among the underprivileged and to spread awareness among them. We are here to serve education with a smile which is the moto of our organization. We aspire to provide equal opportunity and access to the not-so privileged by making available educational resources and imparting basic knowledge.

Our vision is to see the society modified in such a way that no one needs to ask for something and can achieve what they want. We want to bring about a change in the society so that poor people are capable of understanding what is good and what is bad for them, and can then take correct decisions. All this is possible by making them literate, imparting education and spreading awareness.

At this infant stage of Smilyo, our strategic objectives involve the following:

  1. To work towards spreading financial literacy;
  2. To work towards spreading general awareness;
  3. To work towards women empowerment;
  4. To work towards children education;